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Should you hire a professional to clean your carpets or do it yourself?

If you’re looking to spruce up your home in 2019, don’t forget the carpets – getting rid of stains and grime on the floor can make a huge difference to how clean your house looks and how healthy your living environment is. But cleaning carpets is more of a challenge than just picking up a duster, as you would with the rest of the house. You will need a carpet-cleaning machine to start with – but do you buy one, hire one, or employ a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job?

Today’s carpets can be made of blends of fibres or individual fibres, some will absorb cleaning solutions and some won’t, and some will even break down with particular products. It’s certainly cheaper to hire a machine and do it yourself, but DIY carpet cleaning comes with a risk. While professional cleaning services come at a cost the best cleaners go through rigorous training programmes. Not all carpets can be cleaned the same way, and a cleaning company will be able to determine the correct process.

Soils or stains need specialist cleaning solutions and techniques to remove them safely from the carpet, and professional carpet cleaners are trained in doing so. A professionally trained carpet cleaner will also minimise the amount of moisture needed to clean a carpet, which not only safeguards the carpet but also allows for quick, comfortable access and use.

If you prefer the idea of cleaning your own carpets though, buying your own carpet cleaner might save you money in the long run, especially if you invest in a model that not only cleans carpets but can also be used to refresh upholstery and clean wet spills from carpets and dry floors. Compared to professional carpet cleaning services, the cost of buying a carpet cleaner can be recouped with regular use, depending upon how many rooms and items of furniture need cleaning. It’s also cheaper in the long run than hiring a machine. Most carpet cleaning machines cost between AED 500 up to AED 2,000 to buy, and hiring one costs around AED 200 a day, with extra charges for tools and cleaning solution. So after a few uses, it’s usually cheaper to buy a machine than hire one. Owning a machine means spot cleaning can be dealt with for smaller stains, rather than hiring a professional cleaner for a costly whole carpet clean. If you own a carpet cleaner, no pre-booking is necessary, and you don’t have to drive to pick up and drop off the cleaner. Modern carpet cleaners come with a manual, and once you know how much solution to use, the machine does the rest, automatically mixing the solution with the water as it’s used. An upright cleaner will feel lighter and glide easily over carpets, rather than dragging a cylinder unit behind you.

Most houses have a mix of floor surfaces, so buying a cleaner that can deal with carpet, hard floors and upholstery means it’s not just carpets that can be cleaned. Plus, if your cleaner has the right tools, you’ll be able to clean car upholstery and carpets with it too. It’s also probably more hygienic than a hired machine. Rental machines may not be the cleanest when you receive them, having been used in multiple homes. Using your own carpet cleaner ensures you’re only exposed to your own household grime and the easy-to-clean units mean you can be sure it’s clean every time you use it.

The best option of all is to use green cleaning services from a company like IHateCleaning.ae. Their local carpet cleaning services use professional, German-made technology and heavy duty cleaning machines that cost many thousands of Dirhams. They also use no chemicals and clean either entirely with steam, or with 100% organic cleaning solutions imported from California, so you can be sure there are no chemical residues lurking in your freshly cleaned rugs and carpets. This is better you and your loved ones, especially for small children and household pets that spend most of their time near floor level. Try IHateCleaning.ae services today.

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